Tiktok to music albums, his career is impeccable

Actress, model and influencer Shilpa Chaudhary, who has starred in songs like Judaiyan, Viah Impossible, Mere Wangu Pyaar, Dil Nu Pas and with Parmish Verma and Sukh-E, shares how her journey began and her future aspirations.

Tell us about your background

I started my influencer/blogger career via tiktok and uploaded my long hair videos which went viral everywhere. Then I got verified in just 6-7 months. Later, the fan base started to increase on instagram, youtube and tiktok thanks to which I received proposals related to song shootings. I almost did 6-7 songs and now I would really like to work with other platforms or projects.”

Tell us about your next song

I featured as a lead model in Punjabi singer Hira Thind’s upcoming music video. The song is sung and written by Hira Thind. It’s a sad song and it’s coming out in the first week of May 2022. Other than that, I’m shooting for another upcoming Hira Thind music video and it would be a big surprise for my audience. The filming of this clip will begin next month.

What challenges do you face as an influencer?

Bloggers and influencers are often criticized for their paid endorsement and accused of failing to post honest reviews and misleading their audience. I think as long as the influencer doesn’t mislead their audience and shares real, honest product reviews, it’s fine.

It’s unfair to criticize because for most of us it’s a full time job. We keep reinventing and improving our production, so we need to invest in good equipment and more in order to produce better content.

How do you handle trolls?

I don’t give in to trolls at all, I feel like this is coming from another person’s negative space, but I do take constructive comments into consideration which may be a bit negative but true in a way . I like to listen to my audience. So if they’re trying to convey something to me, it’s only fair that I listen to them. And if it involves too much negativity, I skip it. Or you can solve the problem with the audience or your followers actually.

How do you stay relevant as a creator?

The good thing about the Internet is that the public is extremely honest. They will tell you exactly what they like, what they don’t like, what they want to see, what they don’t want to see.

And I think if you engage with them, if you talk to them, if you listen to them, then it’s easy to navigate to a point, which is a midpoint between what your audience wants to watch and what you like to create.